Automate OpenVMS

JAMS has been scheduling jobs on OpenVMS since 1990. Simply install JAMS on your OpenVMS system and JAMS immediately begins monitoring every batch job that runs. JAMS on OpenVMS also keeps a searchable history of the batch jobs that ran and will e-mail you the log file of any job that fails. JAMS for OpenVMS provides a great deal more flexibility and power than any other OpenVMS Scheduler on the market.

OpenVMS Job MonitorVMS Jobs in JAMS

One nice aspect of JAMS is that you don’t have to move all of your jobs into JAMS at the same time. You can implement one job at a time. A JAMS job can depend upon the completion of a batch job that wasn’t submitted by JAMS. JAMS event-based schedules can also be triggered by jobs that were not submitted by JAMS.

If you’re using JAMS on OpenVMS, you can install the JAMS VMS Connection Server and manage your OpenVMS system with our Windows tools including:

  • Windows GUI
  • Report Designer
  • Report Viewer
  • PowerShell
  • .NET Class Library

Convert from an Outdated, Over-Priced Scheduler to JAMS!

  • Is your budget being drained by the exorbitant maintenance fees charged by your job scheduling vendor?
  • Do the invoices keep coming even though the vendor has not posted a new version to the product in years?
  • When you call for support, is it difficult to get someone on the phone who actually knows the product and can provide valuable guidance?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider JAMS. In many cases, the purchase price for JAMS is less than the annual maintenance fees charged by other vendors. Please email [email protected] for more info.

Free Conversion Utilities!

MVP Systems offers FREE Conversion Utilities which will move all of your processes from legacy products to JAMS with very little effort. If you are using DECScheduler, CA, BMC, ActiveBatch, or ISE Enterprise Schedule, we want to hear from you.

Download a free fully-functioning evaluation copy of JAMS for OpenVMS

JAMS also supports HP’s ABS Product.

MVP Systems is a Process Software ISV. JAMS for OpenVMS is tested and supported with TCPware and Multinet.

MVP Systems is an Encompass Platinum Alliance Sponsor.