Scheduling Jobs in UNIX Environments

JAMS runs scripts in most UNIX environments. And, it can run them from from whichever shell you prefer. Companies are running scripts in Linux, AIX, HPUX, Solaris, and OpenSolaris. A few more UNIX flavors are already in the works. JAMS connects to UNIX systems through SSH, and remotely executes scripts. After executing, it logs any output from the script and shows you exactly how the script finished:

  • exited normally
  • exited by error (with the error code or notification that it was killed by a signal)

Run as many UNIX scripts in parallel as you want. You are limited only to your system resources.

If an SSH connection gets dropped while the script is running, the script continues to run in the background. We designed JAMS so that SSH connections are automatically reestablished.

Doesn’t that sound better than Cron? We thought so.