Reining in Linux Scheduling, Again

Linux BranchesFew of us are lucky enough to have a uniform scripting environment. And if you rely heavily on Linux for business processes, you probably spend more time tracking down issues from failed scripts in your environment than necessary. Fortunately, job scheduling is an area where a single solution can “rule them all.” Since many of our users are recovering from Cron, we ensure that JAMS continues to support all the idiosyncrasies of Linux. By leveraging the JAMS Linux Job Scheduler, IT operations departments are able to automate the execution of scripts across all Linux and UNIX environments allowing you to easily link a mixed type of processes and scripts together while simultaneously adding increased control for security, as well as cross-platform dependencies and triggers.

Integration without Interference

JAMS connects to *nix systems through SSH and executes scripts through a JAMS Agent. Logs are collected in real time and any standard out or standard error generated during execution is immediately displayed in a centralized monitor. As some scripts may end in success, their log files will contain unhandled exceptions that you’d like to match on to programmatically denote failure. Through Regular Expression Pattern Matching JAMS can catch these strings to ensure false positives do not occur. In other cases a process may not end with the standard 0 or 1 to denote success or failure and JAMS can trap this as well.

Mapping Linux Exit codes

Scaling Up

Wondering how many scripts you can run at once? We’ve yet to see a limit. The only limitations are the systems resources on your Linux box(es). JAMS provides a light weight, easy-to-install Agent that can execute scripts, query databases, watch for files, or any other needs you may find you have.

Business Continuity, Even if Your Network Goes Down

What happens if there is a network hiccup? The Agent architecture of JAMS ensures business continuity. In the event your Linux system loses connectivity to JAMS, the Agent will continue to run and monitor each process while simultaneously attempting to reconnect to the central scheduling server. Once the connection is reestablished, the Agent will sync up and transfer all the log information and system resources to the centralized scheduler.

Download JAMS with Complete Linux Support