Jason F

We simply eliminated the SQL jobs and scheduled tasks and replaced them with entries in JAMS. This approach allowed for a quick conversion with greater control over security and an immediate improvement in our ability to monitor jobs execution. 

John G

JAMS is very easy to user and works with all of our JD Edwards Instances. We also use it to automate all sorts of other tasks via PowerShell, SQL Server, and Windows workflow scripting. JAMS has also been open and responds to enhancement requests to improve the tool.

Scott B, Mid-Market

We’ve had great success with the tool for about 8 years. …We’ve had some complex workflows with over 100 jobs in it. … It has great PowerShell APIs when we need to do bulk submissions. The Windows client is easy to use and helpful. 

Marketing Associates Streamlines Diverse Applications with JAMS

Tight integration between JAMS and PowerShell has minimized Marketing Associates’ dependence on multiple scripting languages. The feedback that JAMS provides through PowerShell on completion status and notification status helps streamline many of the company’s batch processes.

Real Time and Event Driven Automation: JAMS at Seminole Electric

Seminole’s transition from mainframe processing to distributed processing presented the electric cooperative’s IT team with an important choice. Continue to invest in Control-M, the cooperative’s original mainframe scheduling tool, or start to look at alternative solutions.

Job Scheduler Migration: JAMS at Maritz

Maritz, Inc. relied on a highly-customized legacy scheduling tool to handle batch processing across the organization. When the tool’s integrity and future came into question, Maritz set out to find an enterprise job scheduler that would solve their complex requirements and a team that could successfully migrate Maritz.

Secure EDM and ETL for Trading Systems

Jupiter is a fund management group, with institutional and retail clients in the UK, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. They were using a mixture of SQL Agent, Windows Task Scheduler, ad-hoc PowerShell Scripts, and Biztalk to run over 1,000 EDM, FTP, and ETL processes across hundreds of servers. The decentralized processing meant Jupiter had to spend considerable manual time just to monitor what was running, ensure processes were secure, and verify that they were compliant.

With JAMS, Jupiter’s processes are managed and visible from a single console. The run-time encryption, native history logging and audit trail, and Active Directory integration in JAMS ensure Jupiter’s processes run securely. JAMS has given the business room to scale from 1,000 to 36,000 daily processes spread across CashView batch jobs, It Ops, SCOM Alerting, Trading Systems, BI, Managed Fund Accounting, and even API-based self-service jobs that business users can launch from a SharePoint site.

Batch Credit Card Processing

A hospitality company had been using SQL Agent and Windows Task Scheduler to move loyalty points between their database and partner networks. The system was difficult to maintain and didn’t provide visibility into the current status of jobs, since the jobs were stored in different systems.