MVP Systems Software Releases JAMS V7

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MVP Systems Software delivers the latest version of its flagship workload automation solution, packed with new features to empower the digital enterprise.

13 February 2018 – MVP Systems Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise job scheduling and workload automation software, announced today the release of JAMS V7, a major new version of the company’s flagship solution. JAMS V7 builds upon the company’s deep expertise in batch processing and accommodates growing requirements for jobs running on public, private and hybrid cloud architecture. The latest version of JAMS offers enterprises a multitude of new features for automating complex collections of IT processes, and it enables them to distribute automation tools to a wide range of users.

“JAMS V7 transforms the way companies manage IT processes,” says Devon Lawler, Director of Technical Services, and part of the core team that established the vision for this release. “As markets become hypercompetitive and technical environments become more dynamic, intelligent workload automation is often the single differentiating factor that gives one organization an advantage over another. JAMS makes processes secure, reliable, and repeatable at the scale and frequency today’s markets demand. Centralized workload automation helps organizations realize the full value of every technology investment, from large-scale ERP systems and BI tools, to in-house scripts and applications. JAMS enables these technologies to work collectively, even when they’re managed by different vendors or internal business units.”

JAMS V7 ushers in new, cloud-specific agent profiles to manage workloads running on AWS and Azure. Once jobs are centrally defined in JAMS, they can be executed across any number of cloud resources, as well as on-premises servers.

The following enhancements are included in JAMS V7:

Always-on Agents

JAMS V7 agents have been specifically designed to run jobs in hybrid cloud deployments. The new agents leverage web sockets and x509 certificates to deliver continuous connectivity and enterprise security.


Enterprises can deploy isolated instances of JAMS using a single database and single server.


JAMS V7 introduces Sequences, a powerful utility for managing multi-step, multi-job workflows. Sequences have a wealth of functions for nesting, parallel processing, error and completion actions, uploading and downloading files, and file renaming and deleting.

Soft Properties

Soft properties simplify the process of defining a job. With soft properties, only the properties that are relevant to a particular job type are stored in its definition.

Multiple Schedules

JAMS V7 gives enterprises virtually limitless flexibility in the way they schedule jobs. Its advanced scheduling options offer countless variations, so that the timing of a job execution correlates perfectly to the needs of any business dynamic.

Cascading Properties

JAMS V7 makes it easy to apply similar properties (e.g. schedules) to related jobs. By defining global, and folder-level properties, an enterprise can establish a schedule that requires minimum maintenance, even as the number of defined jobs grows into the thousands.

Client Redesign

The JAMS desktop and web clients have been completely redesigned with cleaner lines, streamlined controls, and dynamic highlights to help cut through the clutter of even the most complex environments. The clients have been enhanced with synchronized views, so that a user sees the same folders, jobs, and controls, regardless of which client she uses to manage jobs. The new architecture also provides centralized control of clients, so administrators can configure them to focus on the exact needs of a particular group of users. JAMS V7 ships with 11 visual themes to help users recognize different scheduling environments. JAMS V7 provides a uniform user experience regardless of whether teams develop jobs on Windows, OSX, or tablet operating systems.

MVP has strengthened its role in infrastructure management that spans the technical stack through a long-term commitment to digital transformation strategies. “We have made sure that each and every development cycle we invested in V7 was closely correlated with business solutions our customers are actively leveraging,” said Lawler. “Whether an organization is running jobs against a multimillion-dollar BI tool, or it is automating a set of uncomplicated, but critical scripts, JAMS connects those jobs to the business processes that drive proven efficiency and end results.”

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MVP will offer demonstrations of JAMS V7 at Microsoft Tech Summits this spring.

About JAMS
JAMS is the only job scheduling system built on a .NET framework and is the first enterprise job scheduling system that can be leveraged by both IT Operations Personnel and Application Developers. With its roots in Windows, JAMS also supports running processes across a variety of operating systems (UNIX, Linux, System i, OpenVMS, etc.) and applications (PeopleSoft, SAP, SQL, Oracle, Symitar, Ecometry, Banner, etc.) To learn more about JAMS, please visit or call 800-261-JAMS.

About MVP Systems Software, Inc.
For more than 20 years, MVP Systems Software, Inc. has provided leading-edge batch job scheduling and workload automation solutions to more than 1,000 customers. Customers include household names such as CVS Caremark, Sirius XM, Villanova University, Vizio, and Yum! Brands. MVP’s solutions are available for all models of IT architecture, from physical servers to virtualized and hybrid environments. You can learn more about MVP Systems Software at

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