JAMS Stacks Up to the Competition

Review comparisons and see why JAMS is a leader in workload automation

While there are many tools available for workload automation and job scheduling, it’s important to understand where key differences exist so you can select the right solution for your business. But one thing is for certain. JAMS outranks competitors based on feedback from actual users. Take a look at user comparisons and see why JAMS is clearly the top-rated workload automation solution. Find out how JAMS workload automation can help you modernize your IT infrastructure and simplify the complexity of job scheduling in your organization.

Organizations Trust JAMS for End-to-End Workload Automation

“Everything, and I mean everything, is automated in JAMS. Backups, maintenance, everything runs in JAMS. We have over 600 jobs running daily. If we need to change the schedule we change JAMS, not the job. It’s great.” — Ryder

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Whether you currently use ActiveBatch, Control-M, Automic, or AutoSys for job scheduling, or are examining these solutions alongside JAMS as part of a vendor comparison, you should be aware of several differentiators between products that may influence your decision.



ActiveBatch Versus JAMS


While there are many tools available for workload automation, JAMS and ActiveBatch from Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI) are two of the most well-known job scheduling tools in the market. ActiveBatch provides solid customer support, but JAMS offers 24/7 support that is higher ranked and better valued across the customer base, especially during implementations.

ActiveBatch targets average business users with GUI-driven automation, while JAMS provides IT users and developers a solution that conforms to them as the only job scheduling solution engineered on the .NET framework. Plus users rank JAMS easier to use, easier to set up, and easier to administer than ActiveBatch.


Find out about the differences between ActiveBatch and JAMS when you view the white paper Three Key Reasons to Consider Converting from ActiveBatch to JAMS.

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Control-M Versus JAMS


Control-M from BMC is recognized as a favorite by analysts for its intelligent enterprise workload automation functionality, but JAMS is considered a more centralized, streamlined, easier to use solution. Control-M cannot have multiple scheduling instances of the same job definition, and a job is either running or not—no separation of schedule and definitions.

JAMS makes it easy to define a stream of jobs that can be managed as a single entity and takes care of sequencing and scheduling individual jobs. The JAMS solution also makes enterprise automation scalable and more cost-effective than Control-M. Organizations that grow in complexity typically find that they need a solution to expand with their automation approach without expanding their costs.

See why migrating from Control-M to JAMS should be top of mind for your business when you view our white paper Getting the Most Out of Your Workload Automation Solution.

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Automic Automation Versus JAMS


Automic Automation from Broadcom offers an enterprise workload automation solution with a predictive analytics platform for visualization across workloads. However, based on user experiences, it is highly complex and difficult to set up and administer. Many companies have realized this complexity and have turned to JAMS for a more centralized, streamlined, and easy-to-use enterprise solution.

Users indicate that JAMS meets the needs of their business better than Automic Workload Automation and offers a higher level of support and customer service. Whether verifying connection prerequisites, supporting initial setup of a development environment, or helping explain the client, JAMS ensures customers are fully supported.

Learn how to better meet the changing needs of your organization when you view the white paper Moving Automation Forward: Why Making the Switch from Automic Automation to JAMS Makes Sense.

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AutoSys Versus JAMS

AutoSys Workload Automation is another enterprise job scheduling solution from Broadcom and is most popular among large-scale or global organizations. However, AutoSys Workload Automation is considered a more expensive solution and users frequently report its higher cost of ownership. This is in contrast to JAMS, which works well in virtually any size organization and offers greater value to organizations for the price.

AutoSys is considered easy-to-use and scalable, similar to JAMS, but lacks significantly in terms of its reporting capabilities and notifications. With JAMS, you can easily create detailed jobs reports on any aspect of your automated workloads and batch processes, and deliver informative, easy-to-read content that turns jobs data into clear, concise snapshots for business users, operations teams, or management. JAMS also enables users to send alerts and instantly notify business users, DBAs, and support teams when jobs fail or succeed to keep them informed about the IT automation environment.

“The nail in the coffin was the support. AutoSys was not helpful in fixing the problems that developed over the upgrades. Eventually, the integrity of the system being able to stay operational came into question. We needed to shop around for something new.”

– Large Sales and Marketing Services Company

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