Moving Beyond Windows Task Scheduler

Build on your organization’s Windows tasks and bring powerful workload automation to the entire enterprise

JAMS centralizes batch processing in a single, easy-to-use interface, where Windows tasks can be extended with additional properties, and linked together with non-Windows processes to create cross-platform workflows.

JAMS enables organizations that leverage Windows to:

  • Preserve workflows developed with Windows Task Scheduler
  • Resolve service issues quickly with reliable and actionable alerts
  • Enhance Windows batch processes with powerful business logic, such as custom calendars, exception handling, file dependencies and more.

Convert Effortlessly

JAMS includes a built-in conversion utility to migrate Windows scheduled tasks, including all their properties. Import jobs residing on any Windows server throughout your network. Once converted – a process that takes minutes – you can apply dozens of new properties to schedule and trigger jobs according to the unique requirements of your business.

Bridge the gap between scheduled tasks and the business users that depend on them

Converting Windows tasks to JAMS jobs puts automation into the hands of the people that need it most and reduces the burden on your IT personnel.

  • Let non-IT users schedule and monitor their own jobs
  • Capture the change history of every job definition
  • Get aggregate insights into the entire schedule of jobs so you can identify issues before they impact individual jobs

Take Windowns cross-platform

Break down the imposed barriers between Windows and other platforms such as Linus, UNIX, i Series and z/OS. Transform isolated Windows proceses into the building blocks of powerful cross-platform workflows for business intelligence, application deployment, ETL, and service management.