Meeting SLAs with Enterprise Job Scheduling


Whether your Service Level Agreement (SLA) is with a customer, an internal business unit, or a vendor, keeping your end of the contract is vital to maintaining customer satisfaction and bringing success to your organization.

By centrally tracking the completion of key jobs, file transfers, and other routine processes, job scheduling software reduces the amount of time your staff spends ensuring that SLAs are met.

Discover how to meet your organization’s SLAs by optimizing the process with workload automation (WLA). In this on-demand webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Why SLAs are important for IT operations
  • What metrics you can and can’t track with job scheduling software
  • How to use alerting to avoid potentially missing SLAs
  • Reporting on SLA metrics with JAMS, the WLA solution from Fortra

When it comes to upholding service levels, your business’s reputation is on the line. Watch now to learn how to manage them efficiently with WLA.