Automated ISIR Load Processing and Aid Packaging

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Industry Education
Company University of Mary Washington
# of Jobs 150

We can change Banner and keep information moving through the office without having to worry whether somebody is out sick, or if we have meetings. Processes are just running automatically for us with JAMS in place.
  ”     - Heidi Hunter-Goldsworthy, Dir Financial Aid

When the University of Mary Washington (UMW) first moved to a Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) net tuition discounting program, it took their team 8-10 hours a day to manually run ISIR loads through the 55 aid packaging groups (each a Banner process) to produce letter files. The University found they needed to automate the aid process in order to scale – hiring more personnel wasn’t an option.

With JAMS, a file trigger automatically kicks off the ISIR load import once a new file is ready, moves the ISIR load through hundreds of decision points and 120 packaging groups within the RNL matrix, and even creates letter files for the University to print letters. The whole end-to-end process runs in JAMS, and only takes about 20 minutes for each ISIR file – no manual processing necessary.

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