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Victoria Department of Sustainability & Environment
September 11, 2020
We have fully incorporated JAMS into our new cloud based infrastructure. JAMS has given us a reliable automation tool as well as an administration tool which has eliminated manual errors. Mundane repetitive tasks are now standard setups in JAMS which give a 100% accuracy rate on tasks. Read More
Greater Bank
September 11, 2020
MVP continues to provide some of the best vendor support I have seen in my 30 years of IT. Read More
Challenger Limited
September 11, 2020
JAMS Engineers are great to deal with, reliable, technically very strong and always willing to help. It’s great to be working with them on our implementation. You guys are first class! Read More
Wilson HTM Investment Group Partners with JAMS
August 13, 2020
Under Wilson HTM Investment Group's old method, there were no dependencies in place between jobs, which increased the business risk of jobs potentially running out of sequence (or not at all). If this occurred, then the result was a significant effort the following day to remedy the situation. Read More
Automating Fuel Oil Delivery Logistics
May 13, 2020
An Australian utility manages its entire load and order process for fuel oil across 23 terminals. More than 25,000 file transfers, JDE jobs, bank transfers, and ESB triggers come together daily to support critical business processes. Read More