Ecometry Automation

The Ecometry suite is the solution of choice for a wide range of organizations in the eCommerce industry – from hot start-ups processing a few hundred orders a day, to the titans of the direct marketing world processing 200,000+ orders daily. Ecometry handles everything from order capture to pick-pack-ship, relying on batch files for back-end processing. JAMS keeps Ecometry and the business moving at the speed of eCommerce, removing the need for manual processing while adding cross-platform integration and robust parameter options.

Case Study

The ability to run processes across multiple platforms is critical since we deal with both Windows and UNIX systems. Being able to incorporate the batch processes from Ecometry into JAMS was painless. Being able to automatically insert parameters such as dates and file names was simple.SHAR Music

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Why do Ecometry customers rely on JAMS?

  • JAMS easily converts Ecometry jobs from Windows Task Scheduler and Cron and provides a single, unified console for easy management and administration.
  • JAMS provides enterprise features like event-based scheduling and integrated FTP/SFTP support. Components that are essential for successful order processing.
  • JAMS has a built-in reporting engine and eliminates the need to manually build end-of-month reports.
  • JAMS provides bullet-proof security. JAMS removes the need to give a user the “keys to the castle” when they need a process to run
  • JAMS recovery capabilities allow on-call personnel to be notified via SMS and text alerts when jobs fail and gives the option to be re-submit jobs remotely.