State of Ohio School System Standardizes on JAMS for DASL Automation

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Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
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15 MAY 2008 – MVP Systems, a leading provider of automation andapplication scheduling software, today announced that the Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network (MCOECN) will standardize on JAMS for use in developing the Data Analysis for Student Learning (DASL) application which will be used by its member schools.

The MCOECN represents the 23 Data Acquisition (DA) Sites of the Ohio Education Computer Network that are part of the Ohio Department of Education. One of the missions of the MCOECN is to bring the benefits of mass purchasing power with technology vendors to the DA Sites. This allows the DA Sites to purchase equipment and software at large “group rates”, saving school districts substantial money.

“Before choosing JAMS, we carefully evaluated and reviewed the enterprise-class job schedulers on the market,” said Duane Baker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the MCOECN. “We narrowed our search to two alternatives and ultimately selected JAMS for its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and low overhead. Upon deployment, the DASL application and JAMS will be utilized in 500-700 school districts which are supported by the DA sites”, continued Baker.

The MCOECN will be utilizing JAMS OpenVMS with DASL to complete database updates for student administration, school bus routing, national and criterion-referenced test scoring, learning/curriculum management systems, spreadsheet, and library automation services. Each DA site will also have the option to implement a Windows solution that will include JAMS .NET. Initially 18 data centers will be using JAMS to provide job scheduling capabilities in conjunction with the DASL or other applications.

“Early in the sales cycle it became very apparent that the MCOECN required a solution that included both OpenVMS and .NET. We knew that JAMS was one of a handful of applications that could meet this criteria and are very pleased that JAMS was ultimately chosen to support such an important undertaking”, commented Scott McCausland, Vice President at MVP Systems.

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The Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN) was founded in 1979 by the Ohio Department of Education. The OECN is a network of 23 Information Technology Centers (ITC’s), which represent 740 school districts, Educational Service Centers, and Community Schools and approximately 1.2 million students in the state of Ohio. The OECN is funded by the State of Ohio, through the Ohio Department of Education, and by member school districts. For more information, please visit