MVP Systems Announces Support for Windows Workflow Foundation

Press Contact:
Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

12 APRIL 2008 – MVP Systems, a leading provider of automation and application scheduling software, announced today that its leading automation solution, JAMS, fully supports Windows Workflow Foundation.

Windows Workflow Foundation is the programming model designed by Microsoft that lets you include long running activities (human interaction, waiting for external events) in your business processes automations. The Windows Workflow Foundation lets you automate business processes by snapping together predefined activities, with no additional coding.

With this added functionality in JAMS, users who create a workflow with Workflow Foundation now have a platform (JAMS) to manage the execution of the workflow. JAMS will ensure that the inter-related processes and applications run at the correct time, and ensure that the necessary resources are available in order to run the process in the first place. JAMS will notify the appropriate personnel if any workflow process fails and also provides a load-balancing component to streamline resources.

“We view support for Windows Workflow Foundation of paramount importance for our customers,” states John Vottero, Vice President at MVP Systems. “The Windows Workflow Foundation is a common platform that enables easy integration of activities from various sources. As the IT world has moved from being IT-centric to more business-centric, JAMS adds a robust back-end to applications that rely on Windows Workflow Foundation. Other vendors who have developed their applications using C++ and MFC will have a difficult time standardizing on Windows Workflow Foundation since it is a.NET-based architecture. We remain committed to being at the forefront of technology.”

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