MVP Software Releases JAMS 4.9 for Enterprise Job Scheduling

Press Contact:
Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

11 Jan 2010 – MVP Systems Software, Inc., a leader in enterprise batch job scheduling and automation, today announced the availability of JAMS Release 4.9 which adds several new capabilities to JAMS (Job Access and Management System). With this release, JAMS makes it even easier to control automated tasks across the entire enterprise. Some of the highlights of JAMS 4.9 include:

  • Customizable GUI – The GUI has been enhanced to allow for multiple views from the same window. For example, a user can now create his/her own view into JAMS to see critical elements such as the schedule, the details of a particular job, and the forecast all from one screen. This streamlined GUI allows customers to move throughout the various components of JAMS with relative ease.
  • Windows Agent Updates – JAMS 4.9 introduces a push installation for the Windows Agents in JAMS, making it even easier to deploy JAMS Agents across the enterprise.
  • Automatic Updates to the Schedule – If a change is made to a Job or Setup, the schedule is immediately extended without waiting until the next scheduled update, providing instantaneous updates to the Monitor view.
  • Ability to Trigger Setups – In previous releases of JAMS, you could only trigger a particular job based upon a related event. In JAMS 4.9, users can now trigger job chains as well based upon event triggers.

“All of the new features and enhancements in JAMS 4.9 are the direct result of customer feedback,” states Jay Sullivan of MVP. “We added 22 new customers in December 2009, a testament to the capabilities of JAMS and the fact that the licensing structure is ideal for both small and large organizations.”

JAMS 4.9 is available for immediate download at:

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