JAMS Increases the Operational Efficiency of VMware Environments

Press Contact:
Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

27 APRIL 2009 – MVP Systems Software, Inc. has announced newVMware capabilities in its enterprise job scheduling solution JAMS. JAMS now has the ability to help organizations increase the operational efficiency of their VMware environments.

If servers are being taxed to the point where applications slow down, JAMS jobs will run which will shut down a virtual machine on one physical server and start up the same virtual machine on a second server. As a result, organizations can automatically shift computing resource allocations by moving virtual machines in response to the ever-changing workload.

JAMS also submits notification jobs, advising you to take actions based upon real job backlogs or anticipated issues based upon the time of day.

VMware users can also rely on JAMS to assist with production changes during off-hours since most organizations are opposed to making production environment changes during normal working hours. Using JAMS, virtual machine moves are easily scheduled and changed during off hours with the peace of mind that alerts will trigger if any problems arise.

As more and more virtual servers are added, JAMS can automatically add these new servers to existing queues in JAMS. As a result, the IT infrastructure operates at peak levels as JAMS continues to distribute the workload amongst your VMware servers.

MVP Systems is a member of the VMware Technology Alliance Program. With more than 700 members worldwide, the VMware TAP program works with best-of-breed technology partners to provide them a comprehensive set of VMware technical and marketing services, support, tools and expertise to deliver enhanced value to joint customers.

To download a fully-functioning copy of JAMS, visit www.mvpsi.com.

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