JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler Supports Voice and SMS Communications

Press Contact:
Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

25 APR 2011 – MVP Systems Software, Inc., a leader in enterprise batch job scheduling and workload automation software, has integrated voice and SMS communications into JAMS, powered by Twilio.

Communication methods today go far beyond standard email. Most users rely on portable devices for critical updates. The integration of Twilio with JAMS Job Scheduler provides customers with notifications through voice calling and SMS text messages to ensure users are immediately aware of critical issues.

JAMS Job Scheduler goes beyond the simple receipt of a call or text message and actually allows for two-way communication. This allows users to respond to critical issues reported by JAMS from their portable devices. For example, if JAMS notifies a user of a critical job failure, the user can restart that failed job from anywhere by pushing a couple of buttons on their smart phone.

“No one jumps out of bed for an email. But the phone ringing at 2AM will get your attention,” states John Vottero, Senior Developer at MVP. “Seeing as some of the most critical batch processing occurs during the off hours, it’s extremely important to know immediately if there are any issues. The added support for voice and SMS response is just one more way for JAMS to keep you informed.”

MVP Systems Software will be demonstrating its Voice and SMS integration as an Exhibitor at Microsoft TechEd on May 16-19 in Atlanta. During MVP’s presentation, attendees will be able to see JAMS in action and receive a sample JAMS alert on their phone and respond accordingly.

“From its inception, JAMS Job Scheduler was envisioned as the most flexible and powerful enterprise job scheduling platform that can easily manage the various business processes of our customers. Leveraging leading edge technologies like Twilio, Windows .NET, PowerShell, and Windows Workflow, the vision of JAMS as the industry’s most powerful and flexible workload automation platform continues to become a reality,” said Rick Smith, Vice President at MVP Systems Software.

About JAMS (Job Access and Management System)

JAMS is the only job scheduling system built on a .NET framework. JAMS is the first enterprise job scheduling system that can be leveraged by both IT Operations Personnel and Application Developers. With its roots in Windows, JAMS also supports running processes across a variety of operating systems (UNIX, Linux, System i, OpenVMS, etc.) and applications (SAP, SQL, Informatica, Oracle, etc.) To learn more about JAMS, please visit www.jamsscheduler.com/ or call 800-261-JAMS.

About MVP Systems Software, Inc.

For more than 20 years, MVP Systems Software, Inc. has provided leading-edge batch job scheduling and workload automation solutions to its more than 750+ customers. Customers include household names like JPMorgan Chase, Boeing, FINRA, Manulife Financial, Kaiser Permanente, and the US Postal Service. MVP’s solutions are delivered in traditional software as well as SaaS models.

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