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Hosting critical applications and business processes on multiple platforms had created a variety of pressure points for UVA Health’s workload automation tools. Failures and delays caused by the shortcomings of these tools were unacceptable.

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Uptime and on-time refreshes are critical for companies moving at the speed of retail business. When Windows Task Scheduler could no longer keep up, SharkNinja knew it was time to implement workload automation software. The...

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Southwest Power Pool took advantage of the ability to run any kind of script in JAMS. They leveraged JAMS to run their batch scripts, SQL SSIS packages, PowerShell scripts and C# code all within the...

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ESCO Advisors’ proprietary applications draw content from multiple data stores and run millions of calculations against the data every day. For each energy retailer, they collect data such as weather forecasts, usage history, market prices,...

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Although native SQL tools provide basic scheduling capabilities, Frontline recognized that leaning on SQL for automation was a less than ideal solution.

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The DSE previously used tools causing several pain points for the department’s IT staff. Failure notifications were frequently unreliable, and lacked sufficient information to identify specific points of failure.

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Using Windows Task Scheduler and SQL Server Agent, TyMetrix could not keep up with customer demand for real-time data. IT staff spent considerable time to deliver its robust legal billing and matter management reports on...

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One of the main issues that Zong faced was that there was no centralized control or management of their processes. Zong also had no way of being notified if remote jobs failed.

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Stater not only wanted to move their core batch scheduling system to a Windows platform, but also needed to centrally manage all of these decentralized tasks and processes.

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Under Wilson HTM Investment Group's old method, there were no dependencies in place between jobs, which increased the business risk of jobs potentially running out of sequence (or not at all). If this occurred, then...

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When Kansas City Public Schools moved to Windows, they knew they would need automation solutions robust and flexible enough to handle the needs of the district’s 35 centers and 15,000 students. By combining JAMS Workload...

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