Job Scheduling Checklist

The limits of human memory pose a challenge to every IT administrator:

  • Did you remember to run that report?
  • Did those two batch jobs run on ServerX? (I wish it could just send me a notification when they’re complete!)
  • Did that client’s FTP finish yet?

When you’re managing the day-to-day workflow of your IT department, it can be difficult to step back and evaluate the tools that you may (or may not) have to manage the growing number processes for which you are responsible.

Download Job Scheduling ChecklistUse Checklists to Make Better Decisions

Atul Gawande is a surgeon. Even with years of experience he uses checklists to help navigate complex procedures he faces in the emergency room. He’s even written a book about the topic: The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right. What happens when teams employ a good checklist? “Massively better results,” he says, in an NPR interview. From catching mistakes to laying out clear plans for when problems arise, a checklist helps surgical teams stay focused and efficient.

Similar to hospital operating rooms, today’s IT environments are complex systems with a variety of databases, applications and server OSs. Native scheduling tools can automate some of the workload, but centralized job scheduling produces better results – consistent reporting, reliable alerting and easy-to-define workflows.

Download the Job Scheduling Checklist

We created our Enterprise Job Scheduling Checklist to provide IT teams with a comprehensive list of features and functions to evaluate both their current automation tools and commercial products they may be considering. Drawing from the experiences of our customers, we update it regularly. Download a copy of the current version of the checklist and help your IT team get better results from workload automation.

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