Thirty-one Gifts

The strong opinion from everyone here who has worked with your support team is that you have, hands-down, the best product support we have ever seen. I can’t stress enough how helpful and diligent your support team has been, and their responsiveness is in no small part responsible for how successful our implementation and adoption rate

Sur La Table

MVP Support is always reachable and knowledgeable. One of the best vendors we have.


Your support team always, always comes through and assists me. More times than not, they exceed my expectations and are always willing to help me get my questions, or concerns addressed quickly and confidently!

Fire Mountain Gems

The customer support at JAMS is very knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, patient… The list goes on. Best customer support I have ever seen.

Destination XL Group

I have always received great support from the JAMS support team. They are very quick; I no sooner posted my last question and I was being called. Keep up the good work.

Fresh Retail Data, Fast Retail Decisions – JAMS Automation at SharkNinja

Uptime and on-time refreshes are critical for companies moving at the speed of retail business. When Windows Task Scheduler could no longer keep up, SharkNinja knew it was time to implement workload automation software. The requirements were simple – rapid implementation, and a robust out-of-the-box feature set.

Gold Eagle Accelerates JD Edwards Processing with JAMS

The Business Applications department at Gold Eagle is responsible for keeping Production Systems online and available throughout two shifts, supporting all JD Edwards users, and managing a half dozen third-party products that integrate with JD Edwards. With mounting issues from the native JD Edwards scheduling tool, they set out to find a solid, reliable solution.

The Automation Center of Excellence: JAMS and GoAnywhere at DXLG

Destination XL Group, Inc. (DXLG) is a long-time Ecometry (JDA Direct Commerce) user. When Ecometry dropped HP 3000 support in favor of Windows, DXLG needed to find a job scheduler that could mirror current processing and boast a robust feature set to grow with the company.

Automated Order Processing

TGW (The Golf Warehouse) needed an efficient method to move orders from its ERP system to its warehouse system. This process uses an EDI to gather related data from the ERP database and transfer it (via SFTP) to cloud-based tools for a comprehensive customer experience.

TGW uses JAMS to combine PowerShell, SQL*Plus, and Ecometry jobs into unified business processes. Their ability to build workflows in a single console has greatly reduced the manual hours needed to connect jobs on different platforms.