Financial Services Firm Achieves Efficient Workload Automation with JAMS

Yvette Carpenter is the technical operations manager for a financial services firm that spun off from another company in 2016. Before the transition, the company wasn’t using true enterprise scheduling solutions, and Carpenter was tasked with automating a great number of manual processes. After evaluating potential automation partners, the company selected JAMS, a centralized workload

Union Bank

I wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for adding those cool features in JAMS (auditing, cancel with success). They make our lives very easy. I love your product and great support you’ve been providing over the years.

Stone Coast

I must let you know that JAMS has, by far, one of the best customer services I have ever worked with. The staff goes above and beyond to help us with software, scripts we have written, and take the time to explain changes they are recommending. We made the right choice.


I’m impressed. The support we receive from JAMS is by far the best out of any 3rd party software that we own. You don’t just say you value support, you actually do value support, and it shows.

Greater Bank

MVP continues to provide some of the best vendor support I have seen in my 30 years of IT.

Challenger Limited

JAMS Engineers are great to deal with, reliable, technically very strong and always willing to help. It’s great to be working with them on our implementation. You guys are first class!

BMW Bank North America

JAMS has delivered the robust and flexible solution we needed to develop and fine-tune the job scheduling automation needs for our environment. The JAMS support team has been responsive and most importantly – solution oriented! We run a complex hybrid environment; nevertheless, each call to JAMS support has been a ‘first-call-fix’ which is so refreshing!

Berkshire Bank

I was impressed at how my ticket had a response within minutes! The support rep was knowledgeable and was able to identify and resolve everything in short order. Responsive and helpful – excellent follow up through resolution.

Bank of Hawaii

The support analysts are excellent. They actually web-exed into my PC and really helped me understand an option in JAMS that I had no idea existed. MAHALO for the quick and timely help!!

Matlock Capital Streamlines Batch Job Scheduling with JAMS

Operations at Matlock Capital needed a way to handle the increasing number and complexity of IT processes while reducing the need for human intervention. They needed a better way to manage the many interdependent overnight jobs post-processing market information.