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Centralized Automation for SASWhether you’re a business intelligence (BI) expert or you’re an IT admin responsible for SAS® applications and servers, you are well aware of the value of automation. From data loading and archiving to countless analyses and reports, SAS requires constant technical attention. Organizations make significant decisions based on SAS data, often in real-time, so it’s important that every process run like clockwork.

SAS does have some native scheduling tools and add-ons, but like many native tools, they focus on automating only the “application in front of you”. While these tools can get the average job done, they don’t address larger issues such as:

“How do I trigger SAS jobs based on other applications our BI team uses?”

“How can I automatically deliver and archive the reports we generate with SAS?”

“How can I collect and import data files from disparate sources without tying up staff?”

“This is confidential data. How do I make sure it’s secure as it moves in and out of SAS?”

Reliable, secure standards for job scheduling and automation can be applied to SAS processes, just as they have been to ERP, database, CRM and server processes. By applying these standards from the start and integrating SAS with a centralized batch automation solution, you enable your team to focus on business intelligence, rather than burdening them with administrative tasks and workarounds to keep SAS data moving efficiently.

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