Cross-Platform JAMS Client Released

JAMS Cross Platform ClientEnterprise Automation environments are often compromised of a variety of platforms. The platforms can range from Windows, Linux, and Unix based servers to individual PC and Mac operating systems. They may even include z/OS or OpenVMS. This mix of platforms presents businesses with a number of challenges related to security as well as a dependence on complex scripting when critical processes span different platforms. A cross-platform Command Line Interface (CLI) ensures that data can be moved securely and easily.

As of V6.4, JAMS features a Command Line Interface (CLI) that works across multiple platforms. The JAMS CLI provides an efficient and secure method to pass data or values between applications. It can also submit jobs inline with existing applications and scripts, regardless of the platform on which they are running. Other examples include:

  • Setting a job variable based upon the value returned by a SQLPlus script
  • Embedding a job submission based on the scripted logic and output of a Linux-based shell script
  • Getting data from the Hadoop Filesystem (HDFS) and passing it into a SQL Stored Procedure

Hand Off Data Securely

In cases of extreme incompatibility, you may be tempted to store secure data in flat files and ship it from box to box. This goes against best practices of Enterprise Automation, which includes secure, clear methods for data transfers between platforms. The JAMS CLI enforces the same security preferences defined by the master scheduler. Every user must be authenticated with a valid username and password before calling a process or accessing data.

Example – Automatically Start EC2 Instances in Dynamic Environments

Your monitoring solution detects a spike in resource utilization on your application server (e.g. EC2). How does your cross-platform environment respond?

Without a Cross-Platform CLI
  • Review the details of the spike in your inbox or in a report.
  • Decide the appropriate course of action. How many new instances do you need?
  • Manually provision or start new EC2 instances to handle the load.

Estimated Time Spent? 45-60 minutes

With a Cross-Platform CLI
  • Spike information is sent directly to your centralized scheduler.
  • CLI passes relevant values (e.g. EC2 Tags) from monitor to scheduler.
  • Pass the value into a job (e.g. JAMS AWS Module) that automatically starts new EC2 instances.

Estimated Time Spent? Negligible


Download JAMS Client Now

The JAMS CLI is currently available through NPM. The source will be available soon in our GitHub repo.