Destination XL Group

I have always received great support from the JAMS support team. They are very quick; I no sooner posted my last question and I was being called. Keep up the good work.

Disciple Data Improves ASP Business with JAMS

In the past, DDI relied on Windows Task Scheduler, Cron, and manual intervention to run all of its internal processes. One of the biggest issues the company faced was not having a single, centralized view of all of the jobs running across the enterprise.

Marketing Associates Streamlines Diverse Applications with JAMS

Tight integration between JAMS and PowerShell has minimized Marketing Associates’ dependence on multiple scripting languages. The feedback that JAMS provides through PowerShell on completion status and notification status helps streamline many of the company’s batch processes.

Job Scheduler Migration: JAMS at Maritz

Maritz, Inc. relied on a highly-customized legacy scheduling tool to handle batch processing across the organization. When the tool’s integrity and future came into question, Maritz set out to find an enterprise job scheduler that would solve their complex requirements and a team that could successfully migrate Maritz.

Automated Billing & Payroll

Amedisys’s billing, payroll, and accounting processes required several sequences of jobs to regularly generate invoices, export electronic claims, and export information to journal entries. The jobs were managed by a custom-built scheduler that lacked advanced functionality, and that still required manual processes to complete every step.

Insurance Suite Batch Processing

Jewelers Mutual provides comprehensive repair and replacement insurance policies for jewelry. The company runs a series of critical jobs against its insurance suite and orchestrates data loads into its analytics platform and data warehouse every night.

Automated File Transfer Plus Batch

Maritz designs and operates employee recognition and reward programs, sales channel incentive programs, and customer loyalty programs. To execute thousands of daily file transfers and the batch processes necessary upon receipt required an application stack that spread across 3 separate applications. JAMS consolidated all scheduling and automation – both Windows and Linux jobs – into one console, saving the company hours of overhead.

JAMS runs more than 800 jobs with excellent reliability. Maritz leverages JAMS central monitor to view its entire schedule of jobs and keeps business users informed of the status of critical jobs with JAMS alerts and notifications.