Comprehensive SDK

As your Application Developers write more and more .NET applications, they need access to a solution that can provide back-end processing and automation. The JAMS .NET Class Library securely exposes JAMS to your applications, enabling easy integration without having to write additional code.

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Resource Based Scheduling

Managing batch processes across the enterprise is complex. As you add more applications and servers, the complexity increases exponentially. JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler adds another powerful tool to your arsenal, Resource Based Scheduling.

A Resource can be any component that impacts your ability to process information — disk I/O, memory utilization, database lock contention, and network bandwidth to name a few.

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PowerShell Support

Windows PowerShell is the standard for automation and administration of any Microsoft-related application. JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduling includes a PowerShell Host for executing PowerShell scripts. The PowerShell Snap-in comes with more than 40 JAMS-specific cmdlets and a JAMS Provider to expose your JAMS objects to PowerShell.

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Workflow Foundation Support

JAMS provides reliable, enterprise support for hosting your Workflows. JAMS includes workflow activities which lets you integrate JAMS into your workflow business processes.

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A JAMS process can have an unlimited number of associated job and file dependencies. A job can depend on the completion of another job, the completion of a remote job or it can depend upon the value of a JAMS Variable. Jobs may also be scheduled to run based upon the completion (or failure) of a file transfer.

Job Execution History

JAMS tracks all processes that run across your systems. You can query this history immediately. It’s updated as soon as processes complete.


JAMS can alert you to any issues or problems that may arise. You can be notified when:

Jobs fail
Jobs complete successfully
Jobs take too long to complete
Jobs stall
Jobs run too quickly

Load Balancing

JAMS Load Balancing provides complete server load balancing. JAMS can off-load jobs to servers that are less busy, thus enabling you to make the most efficient use of your resources.