Workload Automation Jargon

Workload Automation terms have gone largely unchecked over the last few years. What was once simply referred to as “batch processing” has now evolved (or devolved) into a multitude of terms such as “application automation”, “runbook automation”, “resource automation”, and more. What are the differences? Largely, there are none! Whether you’re running Hadoop shell or Read More

Automating Oracle Stored Procedures

Our users have a lot of love for Oracle. Whether it’s the platform’s unique locking structure, caching, or high availability, it handles significant transaction loads at the world’s most prominent brands. But, automating Oracle Stored Procedures can be a challenge, especially when you’re building enterprise workflows that span more applications than just Oracle. Common methods Read More

Cross-Platform Client Released

Enterprise Automation environments are often compromised of a variety of platforms. The platforms can range from Windows, Linux, and Unix based servers to individual PC and Mac operating systems. They may even include z/OS or OpenVMS. This mix of platforms presents businesses with a number of challenges related to security as well as a dependence Read More

Learn About JAMS for Symitar at SymEast 2016

Join us this April 18 -20 in Columbus, Ohio to learn how credit union IT departments can leverage JAMS to automate tasks on Episys. We’ll be demonstrating everything from scheduling basic reports to building multi-step workflows that integrate Episys processes with other systems throughout the credit union. Learn more about the features of our Episys Read More

See You at SQL PASS 2015

MVP Systems Software and the JAMS team will be sponsoring the 2015 SQL PASS Summit this October 27-30. Join us and 5,000+ SQL pros for 3 days of training, deep dives, and networking. Stop by our booth (see our events page for our booth number) to learn how our customers have moved beyond limits they’ve Read More

Reining in Linux Scheduling, Again

Few of us are lucky enough to have a uniform scripting environment. And if you rely heavily on Linux for business processes, you probably spend more time tracking down issues from failed scripts in your environment than necessary. Fortunately, job scheduling is an area where a single solution can “rule them all.” Since many of Read More

Best Practices for Job Scheduler Configuration in AWS Using RDS

Job scheduling in the cloud poses several unique challenges. When managing batch processes on premise (i.e. with a client-server architecture), scale is relatively predictable. Our on premise customers usually have a good idea of the resources they need to automate all their batch processes. Managers of cloud-based infrastructure, however, often face a different set of Read More

Defining Jobs in JAMS (Video)

The humble job definition is one of the core elements of JAMS Job Scheduler. If you’ve ever tried to apply your business logic – e.g. “Run this job once on the first day of the month.” – to jobs in two different scheduling tools, you know the value of consistency. Watch our Definitions video to learn Read More

JAMS Certified for ServiceNow

JAMS Certified for ServiceNow It’s official. JAMS now offers a certified integration for ServiceNow IT Service Automation. This partnership marks another step in our mission toward smarter automation across the entire enterprise. In this instance, we looked at the inefficiencies inherent in resolving failed jobs by integrating with existing incident management processes and leveraging the Read More