JAMS helps you visualize all the activity in your organization’s ever-changing landscape of workload automation.

Get started with these pre-configured dashboards or design your own.

Primary Dashboard

A clean, high-level view of your centralized schedule in two panels. The Primary Dashboard’s point and line series chart plots the completion status of every job that has run in the past 24 hours. Its lower panel, Queue Usage, displays gauges that specify the number of slots available in each queue.

JAMS Primary Dashboard

Job History by Agent

What’s the success rate of each agent machine you depend on to run scheduled tasks? The Job History by Agent dashboard lets you browse through job completion status summaries for each agent connected to the scheduler. An easy-to-read pie graph shows the proportions and counts of successful, informational, error and fatal completion statuses for jobs on each agent. Adjust the range filter to focus on job counts for specific time ranges.

JAMS Dashboard History by Agent

Current Load Balancing

The Current Load Balancing dashboard shows you at a glance what’s happening on an agent in real-time – the job count, the number of jobs in each queue and the resources being consumed. Get real-time feedback on changes to your scheduled tasks.

JAMS Dashboard Current Load Balancing



We combined items from the three dashboards above into a comprehensive job management dashboard that provide you with a 20,000 foot view of your centralized batch schedule and all the agents connected to it. Right below the 24 Hour Completion Status Summary, the Job History by Agent chart and Current Load Balancing gauges provide detailed snapshots of performance metrics.

JAMS Dashboard Advanced


Take a deep dive into the performance metrics of the JAMS client. Disk utilization, CPU usage (by average and by core), current memory usage statistics, and more, are neatly displayed in pie charts, gauges and data tables. If you can query it in PowerShell, this dashboard can provide you with clear visualizations of the data.

JAMS Dashboard PoweShell

Ready for more?

JAMS Dashboard Designer

JAMS Dashboards are completely customizable. Each item’s settings can be modified to draw from a different data source, filter data, or use any of a wide variety of chat types. With the Dashboard Designer, you can start with a blank page and specify each and every detail of your custom dashboard.