The JAMS Netezza Adaptor adds enterprise-level workload automation to the appliance’s data warehousing functionality. A full range of Netezza processes can be scheduled through JAMS and then integrated into a broader set of IT processes running throughout your organization.

Using built-in execution methods, JAMS offers full support for:

  • Loading external data to the Netezza appliance
  • Backing up Netezza databases
  • Running database queries against the Netezza appliance

Job status, configuration and other statistics on the Netezza appliance can also be queried in real-time from JAMS. Integrating Netezza in Workflows and Batch Processes JAMS provides Netezza with a complete batch automation framework suitable for any data warehouse operation. Users and administrators gain the ability to define, schedule and execute a wide range of processes on business data. Data warehouse workflows can be triggered by processes within Netezza as well as by processes native to other business applications.

Powerful Built-In Utilities

The JAMS Netezza Adaptor extends the appliance with 3 powerful utilities that can be executed by the JAMS Agent or through any .NET application.


NetezzaLoad simplifies loading of external data into the Netezza appliance. The JAMS user interface and editor let you view and configure parameters for the connection, data and configuration files as well as output log and bad/rejected effort files. Complete Netezza log files and standard output are captured in JAMS job log.



NetezzaBackup provides a consolidated control panel for the appliance’s native database backup tool. It includes a robust source editor for configuring custom parameters for backup and full integration with JAMS error handling and logging.



The NetezzaSQL utility enables JAMS to execute SQL queries securely on a Netezza data warehouse appliance. A full-featured source editor provides control over connection parameters, output format and location of query results. JAMS can also generate dynamic queries through the built-in job ‘Query File’ parameter.

To see how JAMS can help your business become more productive and efficient, download a free, fully-functioning demo here.