Holistic Automation: The Fortra Approach for Enterprise IT Automation

As organizations continue embracing digital transformation, it is more important than ever to leverage a strategic approach that manages diverse enterprise automation tools and solutions more holistically. Optimizing and orchestrating IT automation across a complex, diverse infrastructure requires the right vision—and the right partner—to centralize your workflows and support your critical business processes.

In other words, it takes a provider that offers an all-embracing approach to automation—as a cohesive whole rather than a collection of isolated technologies. A philosophy that focuses on the big picture and enables companies to see both the forest and the trees—understanding how they work together to increase efficiencies and boost productivity across your entire enterprise.

At Fortra, we provide enterprise IT automation, empowering companies to drive strategies and initiatives from the server  to the individual desktop—and everything in between. Whether you want to start small with personal productivity or go big at the enterprise level, we can help your people and your teams eliminate repetitive, tedious tasks, so they can add value in more strategic areas.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how to look at enterprise IT automation as a discipline, not a product. We’ll also take you through the seven principles of enterprise IT automation and explore the critical cornerstones of back-end and front-end automation. By embracing our holistic approach, you’ll discover how to bring together diverse technologies to solve your unique automation challenges.