Defining Jobs in JAMS (Video)

The humble job definition is one of the core elements of JAMS Job Scheduler. If you’ve ever tried to apply your business logic – e.g. “Run this job once on the first day of the month.” – to jobs in two different scheduling tools, you know the value of consistency. Watch our Definitions video to learn Read More

BI’s Impact on the Data Center

Business Intelligence (BI) has earned its place in nearly every organization. While its value to decision making is clear, its impact on the data center is often overlooked. Myth: BI will help us make more informed business decisions. Reality: BI will help us make more informed business decisions, when we systematically provide it with high quality Read More

Best Practices for Enterprise Workload Automation Security

Security is one of the leading drivers for considering centralized workload automation. Most IT pros can leverage native tools and scripting to automate repetitive IT processes. These basic automation tools, however, can be difficult to scale and manage because they aren’t always built with an enterprise security model in mind. Some of the specific risks Read More

If you are responsible for batch job scheduling, you are a developer.

In spite of the popularity of “DevOps” many IT pros are still divided into two camps: development and operations. Although both groups do much more than their titles imply, they tend to look at enterprise solutions from different perspectives. In our area of batch job scheduling, we see a lot of humility among operations personnel Read More

Align Amazon Cloud Services with your Enterprise Automation

Technology infrastructure decisions increasingly include some cloud component. Cloud services can decrease maintenance costs, increase reliability or improve efficiency. Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) is one such service that enables a company to migrate servers off site and into the Amazon cloud, mitigating the risks of power outages, energy fees and other costly issues. Basic Read More

A Different Kind of Holiday Schedule: Workload Automation for Custom Date Patterns

Managing IT infrastructure is full of exceptions that are beyond your control – network latency, bad disks, power failures and human error. Fortunately, holiday batch scheduling is well within your control when you leverage centralized workload automation. Even in cases where different business units celebrate different sets of holidays, batch jobs can be configured to Read More

Job Scheduling Checklist

The limits of human memory pose a challenge to every IT administrator: Did you remember to run that report? Did those two batch jobs run on ServerX? (I wish it could just send me a notification when they’re complete!) Did that client’s FTP finish yet? When you’re managing the day-to-day workflow of your IT department, Read More

Smart Automation Starts with Quick and Easy Installation

Too often, smart initiatives to centralize batch job scheduling get put off for the wrong reason. IT administrators are already stretched to their limit and the thought of installing a job scheduler for evaluation purposes is daunting. We want everyone to experience the benefits of JAMS as quickly as possible, so we’ve streamlined the installation Read More

MVP Systems Software Debuts at Microsoft Management Summit

MVP Systems Software and the JAMS team received an incredibly positive response from attendees at the 2013 Microsoft Management Summit. From the first hours of the Summit, our booth became a gathering place for IT pros seeking out efficient management solutions for Windows-centric environments (though there was noticeable excitement from attendees managing Linux/UNIX and iSeries). Read More