What is Batch Processing?

Batch Processing

Batch processing is the running of the repetitive computing tasks that every business relies on. These tasks cover a host of jobs that touch your most critical systems, applications, and other business software. Because of their importance for keeping your business up and running, organizations need to ensure that their batch processes execute successfully, as job failure can be both disruptive and costly.

What is a Batch Job?

A batch job is one of many processes that are executed using scripts and run in the background on servers or mainframe type systems. Batch jobs can be scripts, tasks, loads, file transfers, and even multi-step workloads. They are the critical tasks that keep your business flowing—from backups, ETL, payroll processes, collecting sales data and more.

What is a Batch Processing System?

A batch processing system—like an enterprise job scheduling solution—orchestrates, monitors, and logs every action to ensure you have control of the jobs running throughout your business. Jobs can be run throughout so many of your business systems and applications that make them a headache to keep track of.

Batch processing tools help you centralize your job schedule, triggers, and other dependencies to execute your batch processes consistently and reliably. By bringing together your various platforms, it’s easier to monitor batch processes and respond to any issues that come up to keep things flowing and avoid job failures.

Batch Job Scheduling in AWS

Organizations leveraging cloud computing—like Amazon Web Services—face another layer of complexity to their job schedule. But centralizing your batch jobs, whether on-prem or in the cloud, doesn’t have to be difficult with batch job scheduling for AWS. With the right job scheduling tool, your IT Operations team can eliminate the stress of workloads that feature jobs in both AWS and your on-premises systems in give you a single location to deploy and monitor all your critical processes.

JAMS Batch Processing Software

With batch processing from JAMS, give your team complete control of the batch jobs that keep your business running. JAMS gives users centralized cross-platform scheduling capabilities, triggers, and dependencies that run your batch processes with precision no matter how complex. Plus, batch processing from JAMS gives you the tools to monitor your batch processes in one spot and set up alerts to help you respond to any issues that prevent your batch jobs and processes from executing.

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