Why Great Support is Critical

Why Great Support is Critical to Success

Why Great Support is Critical

Technical Support is super critical to the success of your organization. Most organizations believe that their existing technical support system is good. Even if this is true, you should always be looking to make it better. Here at HelpSystems, we are always looking for ways to improve the customer’s experience. Here are some simple tips we always keep in mind. (By the way, our customers consistently rate our support #1 against other software companies.)

Support is Just as Important as Sales

We will often say ‘Happy customers buy more software’. One easy way to make customers happy is to ensure their interactions with support are good experiences with positive outcomes. We work hard to acquire new customers. We want to retain them and, ideally, we want them to buy more software. Many times, the first point of contact a new customer will have once they’ve installed your product is tech support – and we all know first impressions mean a lot!

Leverage Webex and other Online Tools…and Take your Time

One easy way we help our customers is by setting up screen sharing sessions so we can see firsthand what our customers are trying to accomplish. Our support staff can then provide recommendations and assistance, and watch the customer implement our solutions. We also encourage the engineers to spend as much time as needed with the customer. If this means 4-5 sessions over the course of the week, so be it. Helping the customer get off on the right track often will mean a lot less work down the road.

Use Support to Learn About what your Customers are Trying to accomplish

We sell a comprehensive tool that can be leveraged dozens of different ways by our customers. We often learn new ways that customers are using our solutions on support calls. We kick this information back to marketing and sales who can then look to market JAMS in new markets or industries. In other words, your support team can also double as a market research firm!

Be Proactive

Many organizations think they should staff a support center with capable people and then wait for the phone to ring or emails to pop in. Here at HelpSystems, we encourage our support engineers to reach out to existing customers to follow up on issues the customers may have had in the past. It’s a simple ‘Hi, this is Joe from HelpSystems. I am just following up on the ticket you opened last week to ensure everything is working as expected.’ It’s amazing the feedback we get from our clients when they realize they will hear from us and we aren’t just trying to sell them more software.

Make it Easy to Contact Tech Support

We have our number for support – 800 261 JAMS – all over the website. We want to engage our customers. It’s amazing how much ground we can cover on an issue with a 10-minute phone call as opposed to having dozens of emails going back and forth. EVEN BETTER – we answer the phone! If you call us, you typically get a support engineer on the phone in 45 seconds or less. What if everyone is busy? You can leave a message and we will guarantee a 15-minute response time. Customers are always commenting positively on the fact that we call them back in a timely manner.

Listen and Learn from your Customers

Any information your customers are sharing with you is precious. Your customers can give you valuable insights into what’s working in your product and what isn’t. By listening to the support queries that come in, you can discover how you can improve your product, the quality of tech support you provide, and in many cases, form a complete feedback loop between user and product.
If you discover many customers are being tripped up by a simple issue or setting, you can turn around and write a KB article that highlights the solution to the issue. Your support team can then direct people to the article while your development team works on fixing the issue.

Don’t Try and Save Money by Outsourcing

Tech support gives you a huge opportunity to influence the overall user experience of your product. You want your support team to know the product inside out. Before you consider outsourcing tech support, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you guarantee the experience will be consistent every time?
  • How can you measure the level of product knowledge in the people dealing with customers on your behalf?
  • Are your customers expecting to speak to people in their own country?


Making customers happy doesn’t just have to happen during the sales process. It should happen all the time. Doing so will convince your customers to stick with you over the long term. As mentioned above, we do know what we are doing! Check out our Testimonials Page for more.

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