JAMS Videos

What’s New in JAMS V7.1

What's New in JAMS V7.1
The New Features in JAMS V7.1. (9:12)

Basic Concepts


Installation Video
Step by step instructions on downloading and installing JAMS. (3:01)

JAMS Architecture

JAMS Architecture Video
Understand how JAMS fits into your environment with this short architecture overview. (2:04)

JAMS Job Creation

Job Creation Video

Explore and define the most basic unit of workload automation – the job. (3:00)

Client Customization

Client Customization Video

Learn how JAMS can meet your customization needs with the click of a button. Watch several examples that display the flexibility of the JAMS Client. (2:44)

File Transfers

File Transfers Video

Learn about the robust, powerful file transfer capabilities in JAMS that support all standard protocols. (03:07)

Variables and Parameters

Variables and Parameters Video

Pass dynamic information to jobs using variables and parameters in JAMS. (4:30)

JAMS External Tab

JAMS External Tab Video

Run and convert Scheduler Tasks and SQL Agent jobs directly from within JAMS, and access a library of sample jobs from the External Tab. (3:31)

JAMS Dashboard Basics

JAMS Dashboard Basics Video

Get an introduction to the data visualizations in JAMS. See, at a glance, how your batch jobs are running and how different agents are handling each queue. (2:08)

Banner Automation

JAMS Banner Automation Video Thumbnail

In this expert chat, Louis Diaz explains why institutions automate Banner, how JAMS integrates with Banner, and shares a Banner automation story from one of his on-sites. (3:23)

JD Edwards Automation

JD Edwards Automation Video

Senior Automation Expert Gennaro Piccolo sat down to explain why organizations automate JD Edwards with an Enterprise Job Scheduler, how JAMS integrates with JD Edwards, and shares a JD Edwards automation story. (3:16)

Advanced JAMS Features

JAMS PowerShell Integration

JAMS PowerShell Integration Video

Learn how Microsoft PowerShell can work with JAMS to create even more powerful automation tools. (2:21)

JAMS Workflow Video

JAMS Workflow Video

This video describes how you can build simple or complex workflow Jobs using the JAMS Workflow Designer. (3:52)

JAMS Security Settings Overview

JAMS Security Settings Overview Video

Watch our overview and learn how to configure security at the application, folder, and job level in JAMS. (6:00)

JAMS Report Designer

Running and Modifying Reports in JAMS

Running and Modifying Reports Video

Learn how to submit existing reports, then modify reports with the powerful tools available in the JAMS Report Designer. (5:25)

Creating a Report in JAMS

Creating a Report in JAMS

Learn how the Report Designer Wizard is used to select data sources, report styles, and use design tools to craft a custom report. (5:24)