JAMS for z/OS

The JAMS Mainframe Integration is a powerful enterprise automation solution for z/OS. JAMS Job Scheduler enables organizations to create, monitor, and manage JCL from a single console –without making any changes to the mainframe.


End JCL Isolation

JAMS bridges the gap between processes running on the mainframe and processes running on distributed systems. JAMS as a mainframe job scheduler provides IT teams with an extensible set of scheduling features they can use to automate critical batch jobs – whether they run solely on the mainframe or whether they run in conjunction with jobs on Windows, Linux, UNIX or other platforms. JCL Jobs in JAMS support properties, such as dependencies, triggers, real-time alerting, parameters and custom calendars.

Enterprise Security, Enforced


JAMS integrates seamlessly with the z/OS TSO (Time Sharing Option) to deliver enterprise-grade security at each and every step of JCL job management – from definition, to submission, to monitoring and reporting. Organizations that automate centrally with JAMS can apply any granular combination of security privileges (e.g. view, edit, submit, submit ad-hoc, etc.) to mainframe jobs.

Precision Monitoring at Every Step

Comprehensive monitoring in JAMS provides a complete picture of the details of JCL workflows – without taxing your mainframe administrators. JAMS captures severity codes and status codes at each step, making it easy to diagnose and resolve errors in complex, multi-step workflows. In addition, JAMS monitors JCL for syntax errors, so you can quickly distinguish system-level issues from code-level issues.

Get Started

Download the latest version of JAMS Job Scheduler, with full support for z/OS on the IBM Mainframe.