Destination XL Group

I have always received great support from the JAMS support team. They are very quick; I no sooner posted my last question and I was being called. Keep up the good work.

The Automation Center of Excellence: JAMS and GoAnywhere at DXLG

Destination XL Group, Inc. (DXLG) is a long-time Ecometry (JDA Direct Commerce) user. When Ecometry dropped HP 3000 support in favor of Windows, DXLG needed to find a job scheduler that could mirror current processing and boast a robust feature set to grow with the company.

Automated Order Processing

TGW (The Golf Warehouse) needed an efficient method to move orders from its ERP system to its warehouse system. This process uses an EDI to gather related data from the ERP database and transfer it (via SFTP) to cloud-based tools for a comprehensive customer experience.

TGW uses JAMS to combine PowerShell, SQL*Plus, and Ecometry jobs into unified business processes. Their ability to build workflows in a single console has greatly reduced the manual hours needed to connect jobs on different platforms.