West Jefferson Medical Center

We are loving JAMS!! We are in the process of moving various other scheduled tasks to JAMS. The more we use it, the more we discover its other uses.

Brookdale Senior Living Solutions

Always the best support! You answer the support question and even go the extra distance to provide additional feedback, tips, etc. Calls are answered quickly and you feel like you’re calling a friend down the road not across the world – that is greatly appreciated. I wish all companies had this type of service.

Akorn Pharmaceuticals

Excellent support. The engineer went above and beyond to help me with an integration between a new and an existing system, and generally showed me how to better use JAMS. Kudos.

UVA Health Cures SQL Agent Ailments with JAMS

Hosting critical applications and business processes on multiple platforms had created a variety of pressure points for UVA Health’s workload automation tools. Failures and delays caused by the shortcomings of these tools were unacceptable.

Automated Billing & Payroll

Amedisys’s billing, payroll, and accounting processes required several sequences of jobs to regularly generate invoices, export electronic claims, and export information to journal entries. The jobs were managed by a custom-built scheduler that lacked advanced functionality, and that still required manual processes to complete every step.

Automated SFTP File Transfer

IU Health transfers files to vendors and leverages SQLLDR to regularly upload data to databases. The institution needed reliable file transfer capabilities that both used SFTP and that could notify the IT team of job failures.

By migrating to JAMS, IU health has met its file transfer security requirements and streamlined its troubleshooting procedures.