Jason F

We simply eliminated the SQL jobs and scheduled tasks and replaced them with entries in JAMS. This approach allowed for a quick conversion with greater control over security and an immediate improvement in our ability to monitor jobs execution. 

Timothy K

JAMS simple to use interface and functionality with JDE made it easy to implement and use. The dependencies … allows for the most efficient use of system time. Grouping jobs together as a setup allows flexibility to make changes very quickly for entire groups of jobs at one time. The projected schedule gives great visibility. 


Everything, and I mean everything, is automated in JAMS. Backups, maintenance, everything runs in JAMS. We have over 600 jobs running daily. If we need to change the schedule we change JAMS, not the job. It’s great.

Destination XL Group

I have always received great support from the JAMS support team. They are very quick; I no sooner posted my last question and I was being called. Keep up the good work.

Challenger Limited

JAMS Engineers are great to deal with, reliable, technically very strong and always willing to help. It’s great to be working with them on our implementation. You guys are first class!


JAMS has been great. Tech support has been pretty amazing in helping with questions. Users are very happy with the capabilities they have gained with JAMS such as triggered jobs, dependencies, and much easier FTP processing.

Bank of Hawaii

The support analysts are excellent. They actually web-exed into my PC and really helped me understand an option in JAMS that I had no idea existed. MAHALO for the quick and timely help!!

Parameter Powered Batch Automation: JAMS at ESCO Advisors

ESCO Advisors’ proprietary applications draw content from multiple data stores and run millions of calculations against the data every day. For each energy retailer, they collect data such as weather forecasts, usage history, market prices, energy supply, and billed revenue per customer.

Fresh Retail Data, Fast Retail Decisions – JAMS Automation at SharkNinja

Uptime and on-time refreshes are critical for companies moving at the speed of retail business. When Windows Task Scheduler could no longer keep up, SharkNinja knew it was time to implement workload automation software. The requirements were simple – rapid implementation, and a robust out-of-the-box feature set.