MVP LogoFounded in 1985, MVP Systems Software develops enterprise job scheduling and workload automation solutions for the world’s most critical IT infrastructures. MVP’s flagship product JAMS is used by more than 1,000 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, educational institutions and ISVs. JAMS executes and manages processes running on virtually any platform and application. Every day, customers find new ways to leverage JAMS and its ever-expanding feature set.

MVP Systems is headquartered in Connecticut and has offices in New York, Ohio, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

MVP Systems is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, and maintains an active status in the following programs:

  • Oracle Partner Network
  • SAP PartnerEdge
  • IBM PartnerWorld

  • Netezza Developer Network
  • Microsoft Platform Modernization Alliance
  • VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program

Why MVP?

For IT Operations

The pressures of managing ever-expanding networks and high levels of service create a defined need for centralized workload automation. Within tight budgets, IT managers must meet goals such as near-zero downtime and real-time access to data.

MVP’s solutions streamline and automate time-consuming and costly IT processes. They also provide the power and reliability demanded by business users.

For CIOs

Aligning rapidly changing technologies with core business practices requires an agile partner – one that caters not only to current requirements, but also to future changes. CIOs need IT management solutions that move at the same pace as the platforms and applications their businesses rely upon.

MVP’s agile development and long-standing partnerships ensure that its solutions provide reliable workload automation regardless of the changes other vendors make to their platforms and applications.

For Developers

In order to maximize time spent on core functionality, developers need unfettered access to proven technologies. Job scheduling and workload automation have the potential to help developers scale and secure their applications, without the need to develop their own custom scheduler.

By design, MVP’s solutions go beyond the GUI. They provide developers with foundational assets they can use as building blocks in their unique applications on day one. MVP’s software architecture reduces the time needed to bring custom applications into enterprise-ready production and eliminates the costs associated with maintaining and supporting back end functionality.

“I love the commitment you and all the JAMS/MVP associates have made to help us successfully leverage this tool to accomplish our goals. I tell EVERYONE about it, and have even started to use my experience with you guys as a measurement of future IT vendor candidates.”

– Steak ‘n Shake