Troubleshooting Performance Issues with SQL Server Agent

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Troubleshooting SQL Server Agent

SQL Server Agent is the native job scheduler that DBAs often leverage to handle automating database backups, maintenance, and other functionality such as executing SSIS packages as part of a batch cycle. Some organizations even use SQL Server Agent for tasks that are not directly related to SQL Server. However, as powerful as it is, SQL Server Agent can have its share of issues that negatively impact the organization.

In this webcast, we’ll look at:

  • How to troubleshoot SQL Server Agent issues
  • How to monitor and alert on performance with custom scripts, Extended Events, and valuable PerfMon counters
  • How to look for other issues such as cases when a job can’t start, when it never ends, and when jobs have the wrong security to perform what’s expected
  • How JAMS saves significant time for Enterprise Job Management

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