How UVA Health Cured SQL Agent Ailments with JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler


Go beyond the limitations of SQL Agent with Enterprise Job Scheduling

At the University of Virginia Health System, SQL Agent couldn’t keep pace with increasing user needs for more frequent and accurate patient care reports. The lack of dependencies meant job failures piled up like train crashes, and difficult troubleshooting caused slow and tedious resolution times. In a system where SQL jobs might relate to patient admission or treatment, delays were unacceptable. The team needed a way to manage SQL at the enterprise level.

Join us to learn how Enterprise Job Scheduling resolves SQL issues, including:

  • UVA Health’s Enterprise Job Scheduling journey
  • Centralizing the schedule to eliminate “invisible jobs”
  • Connecting SQL to UNIX and more with cross-platform workloads
  • Securing SQL Jobs with existing AD Security
  • Improving the troubleshooting process and preventing job failures