Workload Automation for Managed Service Providers

Expand Your Offerings with the Enterprise Power of JAMS

JAMS as a Service

JAMS provides businesses with a single, centralized console for running critical processes. Whether managing simple batch jobs or complex, cross-platform workflows, JAMS gives you and your customers a comprehensive set of tools for defining, managing, monitoring, and alerting.



Bring Workload Automation to Your Customers

JAMS makes it easy for MSPs to deliver a “just right” workload automation solution to customers of any size. JAMS integrates seamlessly with any infrastructure – on premise, cloud, and hybrid. Once JAMS is in place, you control the way workload automation is delivered to your customers.

JAMS Multitenancy

Flexible Delivery Options for Managed Service Providers

With a JAMS Server, you can distribute workload automation in many ways:

  • Offer customer tenants the ability to run a limited number of jobs from your JAMS Server
  • Lease time on your JAMS server
  • Run automated workloads for your customers
  • Resell a custom configured version of JAMS
  • Integrate JAMS into your Data Analytics, Data Warehouse, ETL, or ERP applications

The flexible licensing model lets you charge customers based on time, number of jobs run, users, or other dimension. You can even white label JAMS or any of its features within your own custom solution.

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Amplify your Offerings with Automation

How do your data center management, cloud computing, security, and compliance services stand out from those offered by other managed service providers? The addition of a workload automation solution can add tremendous value to your accounts.

MSPs with JAMS can:

  • Automate software patches, backups, upgrades, installations, and many other processes
  • Offer custom solutions that include more than one business applications or operating system
  • Replace unreliable native schedulers
  • Offer consolidated monitoring
    and reporting on batch processes

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