Why MVP for Developers

JAMS isn’t just a tool for the operations staff. It’s the developer’s best friend. JAMS integrates scheduling and workload automation directly into your applications. You no longer have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to spin off a batch job. You can concentrate on your application and leave the synchronizing, coordinating, monitoring and scheduling to JAMS. With JAMS, developers accelerate development cycles and reduce the cost of development. Since developers don’t have to address the challenges of writing their own automation back-end, they are able to bring their applications into the production cycle much faster.

On the Windows platform, JAMS is fully exposed as .NET objects and controls. It’s easy to drop JAMS into your application and have an integrated scheduling system in a matter of minutes! JAMS also includes complete support for Windows PowerShell, over 50 cmdlets and a PowerShell provider that exposes the JAMS objects to PowerShell.

JAMS has a simple, callable interface that lets you present a menu of jobs to an end-user. Developers can select a job and JAMS will prompt the user for any parameters needed by the job and then submit the job to the schedule. These “ad hoc” jobs are a key piece of a total automation solution.