High Availability Automation

On Premise and in the Cloud


JAMS provides completely transparent failover support, allowing one or more JAMS Schedulers to failover automatically to standby systems so that jobs and processes are executed on or near schedule in the event of a failure of the primary JAMS Scheduler(s).

When a JAMS Primary Scheduler fails or is unresponsive, one of the JAMS Failover Schedulers will go active and assume all of the management of activities that the JAMS Primary Scheduler had. The JAMS Failover Scheduler will then connect to all JAMS Agents to ensure all processing continues to run. Once the JAMS Primary Scheduler comes back online, it can be set to regain control of the schedule as the JAMS Failover Scheduler reverts to sleep mode.

In a cluster aware job scheduling architecture, JAMS uses an active-passive scheme where the primary JAMS Scheduler is in an active setting, managing and dispatching processes across your organization’s infrastructure. The passive JAMS Scheduler resides on another machine in the cluster, monitoring the primary JAMS Scheduler to ensure that everything is running according to plan.

Leverage JAMS on AWS to create a fault-tolerant, secure cloud automation environment.

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