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JAMS Security: Working with User Credential Definitions

In JAMS individual user names are defined and later assigned to JAMS components (e.g., Jobs and Folders). For example, when a Job is submitted it runs under the specified user name that is ultimately controlled from an access control list (ACL). Each individual access control entry (ACE) consists of one or more identifiers to determine the level of access granted to that user.

When a user attempts to perform a function, JAMS automatically checks if the user can actually perform that function by matching the identifier in each ACE against the identifiers held by the user. When a match is found, the user is granted access. If no matches are found, no access is granted.

NOTE: To modify a JAMS user credential definitions, you must have the appropriate level of permissions in the ACL to assign or change a user account’s “username” properties.

Adding a New User Credential

As a prerequisite, all JAMS user Credentials must be recognized by the JAMS system before they can be assigned an access level. To add a new user credential, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Credentials shortcut to open the Credential Definitions view.
  2. Click the Add button on the Control Bar to open the Add a New JAMS Credential dialog.
  3. Enter a Credential Name. This may be the name used when logging on with these credentials.
  4. Enter a Logon As name if the name used when logging on is different than the Credential Name.
  5. Enter a Password, then confirm that password.
  6. By default, JAMS will automatically open the full Credential Definition dialog when a Credential is initially saved. Click OK.
  7. The Credential Definition dialog will open to the Username tab.
  8. If desired, enter a Description.
  9. Use the Key Management button to manage public and private keys for the JAMS Credential Security object that provides access to the remote server.

    NOTE: JAMS supports SSH public/private key pairs directly within the GUI. You can load any existing private key by selecting the Load Key button. Only private keys can be loaded. JAMS then prompts for a Privacy Enhanced Mail Certificate (.pem) file.

  10. Use the Set Password button to manage the Credential Definition's password.
  11. Select the Security tab.
  12. An ACE may be created by using the New Access Control Entry button, or deleted by highlighting an existing ACE and using the Delete Access Control Entry button.
  13. Highlight the desired ACE (Access Control Entry) and use the checkboxes to select the appropriate access types.
    • Change: includes permissions to edit the user account details.
    • Control: provides the ability to edit the user account's access control entry.
    • Submit: grants the selected the user account submission capabilities for a Job.
    • Get Password: includes permission to obtain a clear-text password using the Get-JAMSCredential PowerShell cmdlet or via the .NET API.
  14. When finished, click Save and Close.

Modifying Existing User Credentials

  1. Select the Credentials shortcut to open the Credential Definitions view.
  2. Select any existing Credential, then click the Properties button on the Control Bar.
  3. The Credential Definition dialog will appear. Edit any properties of the definition as desired.
  4. Save and Close the Credential definition.


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