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Defining Folders and Jobs

Folders and Jobs, available from the Definitions shortcut, are basic objects used to organize and define batch processing in your environment.




Folder Definition

A Folder contains a logical grouping of Jobs. Folders can be organized by department (e.g., Accounting, IS, Sales) by function (e.g., EDI, Web, Security, Audit) or any other way that is meaningful to your organization.

  1. To create a new Folder, right-click the desired parent folder in the Folder Navigator and choose the Add Folder command from the popup menu.
  2. This action opens the Add a New Folder dialog. Give the new Folder a Name, then click OK to create the Folder.
    NOTE: To quickly open the full Folder Definition dialog, check Edit the new Folder's properties after adding before clicking OK.
  3. Right-click on any existing folder and select Properties from the drop-down list to open the full Folder Definition dialog. In this full definition dialog, users may define a number of Properties, Elements, Parameters, and Security controls on the Folder.
  4. Save and Close the Folder Definition dialog.

Job Definition

A Job is a task, script (known as a command procedure), command, sequence, or Workflow. A JAMS Job includes a number of Soft Properties and Elements that modify how and when a Job should run, as well as actions that should be taken when the Job finishes.

NOTE: If your organization uses command procedures for batch processing you can continue to deploy them using JAMS.

  1. To create a new Job, open the Definitions view from the Shortcut bar, then select the Job Definitions tab.
  2. Click the Add button in the Control Bar to open the Add a New JAMS Job Definition dialog.
  3. In the dialog, select the Folder where the Job should be created.
  4. Define a Name for the new Job.
  5. If desired, give the Job a Description.
  6. Select an Execution Method for the Job from the drop-down list.
  7. By default, the full Job Definition dialog will open when the Job is initially saved. Click OK.
  8. The Job Definition dialog will open.
  9. Define the Job's Source, Elements, Parameters, Security, Properties, and Documentation as desired.
  10. When the Job has been configured as desired, click Save and Close.
NOTE: A Job in JAMS must have an Execute As user in order to run. To set an Execute As user, add and define the Execute As property to the relevant Job or Folder.
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