Robust File Transfer Capabilities Added to JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler

Press Contact:
Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

16 Sep 2009 – MVP Systems Software, Inc., a leader in enterprise batch job scheduling and automation, today announced the availability of JAMS Release 4.8 which adds robust and flexible file transfer capabilities. With these new enhancements, it becomes even easier to automate and trigger tasks across the entire enterprise with JAMS.

JAMS Release 4.8 includes built-in support for all popular file transfer protocols.

  • FTP – Classic FTP Support, great for internal use
  • FTPS – FTP over TLS/SSL, secure and reliable
  • SFTP – SSH File Transfer
  • SCP – Secure CP, a de facto standard

The File Transfer Execution Method in JAMS Release 4.8 supports all of the above protocols with “fill in the blanks” ease of use. The File Transfer Execution Method supports automatic retries and wildcards, and also includes complete integration with JAMS User Security. The integration with JAMS User Security, and the associated audit trail that JAMS provides, is a tremendous benefit for those organizations that need to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Since file transfers execute as standard JAMS Jobs, you get all of the following capabilities as well:

  • Automatic notification for failed or stalled transfers or runaway processes
  • Dependency support both before and after the file transfer
  • File event triggering for file transfers
  • Direct integration into a JAMS Setup for process sequencing and flow control

“The built-in support for file transfers was in direct response to customer feedback. Customers use JAMS to schedule critical business processes that need to run once related file transfers have completed. Having the ability to send and receive files both internally and externally, based upon related business processes completing, was becoming more and more of a pressing issue to our customer base,” states John Vottero of MVP. “JAMS 4.8 will be a welcome upgrade for our users.”

The new release of JAMS is available for immediate download at:

JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler runs on WindowsLinuxUNIX,OpenVMS, and AS400 (iSeries), as well as having support for JAMS Agents on a wide range of operating systems.

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