MVP Systems Software, Inc. Unveils JAMS Release 4.7

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Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

06 August 2009 – MVP Systems Software, Inc., a leader in enterprise batch job scheduling and automation, today announced the availability of JAMS Release 4.7 which adds several new features to the robust capabilities of JAMS. With this release, JAMS makes it even easier to control automated tasks across the entire enterprise. Some of the highlights of JAMS 4.7 include:

  • Web Controls – A predefined sample JAMS web site and all of the JAMS ASP.NET Web Controls are now included in the standard setup, giving customers a great starting point for building their own web controls.
  • Graphical Job Diagram – You can now diagram Jobs and Setups, for an easy, logical understanding of a workflow.
  • Enhanced GUI Usability – System, Job and Setup definitions can be displayed in a “tree” view to make it easier to understand the relationships and dependencies that exist between jobs.
  • Enhanced Audit Trail – JAMS now includes an easily queried Audit Trail of all object changes which is ideal for compliance requirements.
  • Management Display of all remote JAMS Agents – You can now add JAMS Agent definitions to manage where your JAMS Agents are deployed.
  • Interactive Desktop Jobs – JAMS execution methods support an “Interactive” option which allows jobs to run on the interactive desktop session.
  • Enhanced Execution Control – JAMS 4.7 adds support for pointing to a default macro XML file allowing users to better manage their customized execution methods.

“All of the new features and enhancements in JAMS 4.7 are the direct result of both customer and prospective customer feedback,” states Jay Sullivan of MVP. “We continue to add new customers every month, a testament to JAMS capabilities and the fact that the licensing structure is ideal for both small and large organizations.”

The new release of JAMS is available for immediate download at:

To learn more about enterprise batch job scheduling and JAMS, visit

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