MVP Systems Software Joins Microsoft Interop Vendor Alliance

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Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

29 Mar 2010 – MVP Systems Software, Inc., a leader in enterprise batch job scheduling and workload automation, announced today that it has joined the Microsoft Interop Vendor Alliance. The Interop Vendor Alliance is an industry group that recruits the top information technology companies to achieve greater interoperability across disparate platforms.

JAMS is the only job scheduling system that is built on a .NET framework. As a result, JAMS is the first enterprise job scheduling system that can be leveraged by both IT Operations Personnel and Application Developers. With its roots in Windows, JAMS also supports running processes across a variety of operating systems (UNIXLinux, iSeries, OpenVMS, etc.) and applications (SAP, SQL, Oracle, etc.).

“We view our inclusion in the Interop Vendor Alliance as a testament to the cross-platform capabilities of our solutions,” states Scott McCausland of MVP. “Interoperability is a growing concern in today’s business. Our customers run business processes across various operating systems and applications. Seamless integration is essential for these processes to run smoothly.”

“We welcome MVP Systems to the Interop Vendor Alliance as a leader in enterprise job scheduling and workload automation. I am excited to work with them” said Jas Sandhu, Alliance manager. “MVP’s solutions are critical for businesses that need to run processes across various operating systems and applications. Their technology and expertise is highly beneficial to our mutual customers. We look forward to working with MVP Systems in promoting interoperability discussions and delivering successful solutions that can have a lasting benefit for organizations with diverse IT environments.”

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For more than 20 years, MVP Systems, Inc. has provided leading-edge batch job scheduling and automation solutions to its more than 700+ customers. MVP’s customers include household names like JPMorgan Chase, Boeing, Kaiser Permanente, and the US Postal Service. MVP’s solutions are delivered in traditional on-premise software as well as SaaS models. To learn more about MVP Systems Software, please visit or call 866-259-JAMS.