MVP Systems Software Enhances Support for Mainframe Legacy Modernization Initiatives

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Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
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JAMS Job Scheduler brings mainframe-style job scheduling to the distributed world.

18 October 2012 – MVP Systems Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise job scheduling and workload automation software, announced today that it has enhanced its suite of legacy modernization features in JAMS Job Scheduler. This move underscores MVP System Software’s long-standing commitment to maintaining the efficiency and reliability of mission-critical batch processes regardless of where they run. Organizations at all stages of the modernization process will discover that JAMS Job Scheduler makes it possible to mirror the efficiency and complexity of their original batch processing schemas executed through JES2 and JCL.

MVP Systems Software has worked closely with organizations moving off mainframe operating systems such as IBM’s System/370 and System/390 running MVS, to offer a comprehensive job scheduling and workload automation solution. The company’s flagship product, JAMS Job Scheduler, enables organizations migrating to a new IT environment to preserve robust scheduling features such as triggers, dependencies and load balancing. Coupled with a comprehensive authentication system that allows users granular privileges to run jobs without granting administrative access, JAMS brings mainframe standards to the modern distributed environment at a lower cost and without additional risk.

MVP Systems Software offers legacy modernization customers both an easy-to-use GUI and a powerful PowerShell provider with more than 60 custom cmdlets. Scheduled jobs and their parameters can be accessed and managed through either method as well as directly through the command line.

“The lack of robust and flexible enterprise job scheduling capabilities in Windows Task Scheduler and Cron can hamstring the transition to Windows or Unix,” says Rick Smith of MVP. “With JAMS we are helping legacy modernization customers keep the same level of batch automation efficiency without requiring an expensive and time-consuming conversion of their existing mainframe code. No business should have to compromise on batch scheduling during a legacy modernization project.”

MVP Systems Software is a member of the Platform Modernization Alliance.

Legacy Modernization features are available in all versions of JAMS. Learn more at

About JAMS (Job Access and Management System)

JAMS is the only job scheduling system built on a .NET framework. JAMS is the first enterprise job scheduling system that can be leveraged by both IT Operations Personnel and Application Developers. With its roots in Windows, JAMS also supports running processes across a variety of operating systems (UNIX, Linux, System i, OpenVMS, etc.) and applications (SAP, SQL, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Symitar, Ecometry, etc.) To learn more about JAMS, please visit or call 800-261-JAMS.

About MVP Systems Software, Inc.

For more than 20 years, MVP Systems Software, Inc. has provided leading-edge batch job scheduling and automation solutions to its more than 800 customers. Customers include household names like JPMorgan Chase, Boeing, FINRA, Manulife Financial, Kaiser Permanente, and the US Postal Service. MVP’s solutions are delivered in traditional software as well as SaaS models.

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