MVP Systems Software Complements Latest Version of Enterprise Workload Automation Solution with REST API

Press Contact:
Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

JAMS Job Scheduler V6.4 provides a comprehensive set of REST endpoints for managing an organization’s centralized workload automation solution.

7 March 2016 – MVP Systems Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise job scheduling and workload automation software, announced today the general availability of the JAMS REST API. The JAMS REST API provides developers with powerful scheduling and automation features that can be leveraged from within their custom applications. Access to the API’s extensive set of calls helps developers tap into the reliability of JAMS automation while maintaining focus on their applications’ core functions.

We recognize that the jobs run by custom applications can be as important, and in some cases more important, than those run on large commercial applications. The JAMS REST API offers developers a secure and well-documented method to enhance custom applications written in Perl, Python, Java or other languages, with enterprise automation.Devon Lawler, Director of Technical Services, MVP Systems Software

The JAMS REST API provides REST endpoints for a variety of automation activities, including creating, updating and deleting jobs in a central schedule. The API supports calls from any platform, and is entirely independent of the scripting language or code used to develop an application. The JAMS REST API handles requests through token-based authentication, which enables organizations to quickly scale up to thousands of requests per hour.

Examples of scheduling activities that can be accomplished with the JAMS REST API include:

  • Starting, stopping and releasing jobs
  • Defining new jobs
  • Monitoring the status of jobs
  • Setting variables and parameters used by jobs
  • Reviewing the history of jobs

For a complete list of API calls, visit MVP’s Developer’s Guide.

“Custom applications often fill strategic voids left by even the most comprehensive ERP and industry-specific commercial applications,” says David Kluskiewicz, VP, Marketing at MVP. “We see the JAMS REST API as way to help developers integrate custom applications into enterprise wide workflows, without compromising security, and without dedicating resources to building or maintaining scheduling features.”

For .NET developers, MVP continues to support a dedicated .NET API with an equivalent set of methods.

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