MVP Systems Software Announces General Availability of JAMS Release 4.5

Press Contact:
Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

5 JANUARY 2009 – MVP Systems Software, Inc., a leading provider of automation, application, and task scheduling software, has announced the general availability of JAMS 4.5. JAMS Release 4.5 is a major new release and introduces a wide range of new features and enhancements.

JAMS Release 4.5 highlights include:

A New Report Generator – You are now able to design your own custom reports which can report on current, generated, historical and definition data. In addition, a number of predefined reports are included which you can use as-is or modify to your specifications.

Integrated Report Viewer – Reports can be generated interactively via the JAMS Integrated Report viewer. Once generated, the reports can be printed, exported as html, PDF or a number of other formats. Report generation can also be automated via a standard JAMS Job definition with the generated report e-mailed or printed.

Improved Dependency support – Jobs and Setups can now depend directly on the presence or absence of a file on the local machine or any Agent machine. You can also define dependencies on Setup completions in addition to Job completions.

Improved Trigger support – Trigger events can now directly reference the presence or absence of a file on the local machine or any Agent machine.

Improved User Interface – The improved JAMS user interface features a “Ribbon” bar which makes navigation easier and more intuitive.

Workflow Foundation execution methods – JAMS can execute compiled and XOML Workflows with support for persisting idle workflows. This will also include a number of JAMS specific Workflow activities including:

  • Submit – Submits a JAMS Job or Setup and optionally, wait for completion
  • WaitForFile – Wait for the presence or absence of a file
  • WaitForJob – Wait for the completion of a JAMS Job or Setup
  • WaitForResource – Wait for a quantity of a JAMS Resource

Gantt chart display – You can display the current schedule, a generated schedule or a historical schedule as a Gantt chart.

Audit trail – All changes to JAMS objects will be audited and there is a GUI differences tool which can be used to see what changed and who changed it.

Improved Auto failover – In addition to our existing support for Windows Clusters and SQL Server Mirrors, the next version will support auto failover of the JAMS Scheduler between standalone machines. This will facilitate disaster tolerant failover scenarios.

Web Controls – AJAX based web controls for submitting, monitoring and history reporting which you can drop into your ASP.NET web pages. This will also include SharePoint support.

“We participated in the beta program for JAMS 4.5. As a rather new customer, we are extremely impressed that MVP added enhancements we requested less than 2 months ago. I think it is a testament to MVP’s willingness to respond quickly to customers. I have nothing but good things to say about JAMS and we look forward to rolling out Release 4.5 in early 2009,” states Steve Berry of Danbury Auto Parts.

The new release of JAMS is available for immediate download at

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